Tim Hordern

I ♥ building amazing products and teams. QA + Product + DevOps + Fast = Awesome.

Tim Hordern - What I Believe In

I believe in:

  • Product simplicity: simple and minimal apps win every thing
  • Shipping the right stuff: know what you’re shipping, for whom and why
  • That a MVP isn’t minimal for your users: ship the minimal useful viable product
  • Continuous delivery over timed releases: get faster incrementally
  • Small products over monolithic apps: bigger doesn’t always mean better
  • Test automation over manual QA: let the computers do their thing
  • Production like testing over fake test data: Test like it’s the real thing
  • Exploratory testing supplements automation: let the testers outside the box
  • Small passionate multidisciplinary teams over hiring exactly for that role
  • Good people over experience: working with the right people is better than working with experience
  • A complete effort in production over half-assed hack: Hacks are prototypes to provide ideas
  • Slow is smooth, smooth is fast: a team needs to get it right before they can go fast
  • Experience in teams over experience in code: it’s better to hire for fit than tenure
  • Only working on master over feature branches: feature branches are more pain than they are worth
  • Languages that your developers work on their spare time over enterprise languages: because Java should die already
  • Open discussion over tracking tools: collaborating through discussions and meetings is more valuable than a tracking tool
  • Diversity over recruiting by pattern matching: highly diverse teams work better than the status-quo teams

I don’t believe in

  • Manual QA: if you are just getting a QA to rubber stamp someone else’s work, what’s the point?
  • Waterfall: Big bang is all risk, no reward