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On Starting

I have meant for many years to create a blog to record the many aspects of my life that I feel worth sharing whether they be professional, sporting or personal interests.

Like many people, I have stored up ideas, comments, articles, images and documents that I felt would be interesting or valuable to other people as well as myself. I just never took that next step of developing a website that would allow me to record these things. For a while, I’ve twittered such things but I’ve still lacked a place to record long-form discussions and thoughts.

One of the hardest things to do is to actually start something. Whether it’s a lack of time due to other commitments, fear of failure, a lack of resolve, disorganisation or just plain old laziness, starting a project gets harder and harder the longer you don’t actually start the idea.

Years ago, when I found myself teaching abseiling to younger kids, my advice to those kids teetering on the edge of the precipice was just to take the first step.

If you stand there peering over the edge of the cliff, you find your legs seizing and your brain freaks out about the idea of throwing yourself down a cliff attached only to a thin rope that your concious brain says can’t possibly hold your weight. Then your legs lock up and you start sweating. Then you worry about how hard it is to unlock your legs and move. And suddenly you’re in paralysis and it seems totally impossible to abseil at all.

Everything gets much easier once you have momentum. Your natural instincts take over and you get to concentrate on the actions of abseiling. Finding somewhere to put your leg for your next step or next landing. Making sure you have the right amount on tension on your rope. How much slack is on the rope being given to you. But these are normal process issues that you can handle one at a time.

So just start. You can work it out on the way down.

This is my attempt at starting.